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Rapid Customer Growth

Find Premium Customers and Multiply their Value with
World's first Predictive AI.

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Tuple | AI Lead Gen & CRM

Tuple is a complete customer acquisition engine powered by proprietary Predictive AI technology. It leverages cutting edge automation to unify data, find profitable deals, predict customer behaviour, target customers and finally drive purchases. It is the single most powerful customer growth platform you need to multiply full potential of your business.


Gather Hidden Gems

Tuple is integrated with 300+ Data APIs . It can gather and organise your existing internal data very efficiently. It can also collect profile and behavioural information about leads from publicly available resources.

  • 3B+ Profiles
  • Social & Behavioural Information
  • Identifiable Segments like High Net Worth, Smart Consumers etc.

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Identifying Opportunities

Tuple's proprietary Predictive AI technology can quickly mine the data and predict future behaviours. It identifies the costs and opportunities related to customers and suggests actions to optimise.

  • Dynamic AI to train AI
  • Highly Accurate Predictions
  • 100+ Models & Use-Cases


Choose & Reach Out

Tuple's customer focus helps the engine identify the right customer to target, at right time, with right product and on correct channel. It cares about your customers by providing only relevant content and saves costs for businesses.

  • 30+ Marketing & Digital Media Integrations
  • 1:1 Targeting
  • Campaign Management & Analysis

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Seal The Deal

Tuple's intelligent bots work tirelessly to engage with your customers through your website, app and chatbots. They provide personalised service to your customers and nudge them into making purchases.

  • Sales Chatbots
  • 10+ Integrations inclusing Website & Messenger Apps
  • Intelligent Notifications