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Conversion to Loyalty

Customer Retention, Relationship Management & Cross Selling

How does it work!

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  • Integrations with internal database like SQL, CRM or ERP
  • Enhancement of internal data with external profiles & behaviours
  • Rapid Integration of all relevant data sources
  • Website API Integration for Lead Data Collection
  • Automatic Data Refresh at a custom frequency
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  • CLTV, Churn, Value & Engagement predictions
  • Bio & Behavioural Profiling
  • Customers Segmentation for Marketing
  • Product Recommendations
  • KPI Dashboard for Online & Offline Tracking
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  • 1:1 Targeting of Customers
  • Marketing Chatbot
  • Campaign Suggestions
  • Post-Campaign Analysis
  • Omnichannel communication via Email, Social Media, PN
  • Pre-Integration of Mailchimp, Facebook, Adwords etc.
  • Remarketing to leads visiting the website/app
  • Content Design API integration through Pic-Monkey
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  • Conversion notifications on website/mobile apps
  • Purchase Nudges
  • Sales Chatbot
  • Chatbot integrations with external platforms like Telegram, Skype, WeChat etc.
Exclusive Features
  • Accurate and Dynamic Customer Forecasts
  • Analytics KPI, Customer Tracking and Marketing managed on the same dashboard
  • Multiple User Access
  • Virtual Assistance through AI Chatbot
  • Modelling & Campaign Reports
  • Pull & Push API Integrations with all major platforms
Value Added Services
  • Data Collection & Analytics Consulting
  • Marketing & Campaign Management Consulting
  • Custom Solutions Design
  • Custom Predictive Models
  • Dashboard KPI Design
  • Hypothesis testing design and measurement
  • Multiple Data Source Integration Design
  • Third Party Integration
  • Data Push & Pull API Design & Integration