Looking for a challenging and rewarding career?

Seek an adventurous & satisfying career? Want to make a difference with your skills? Join us.

A workplace painted with innovation, respect and collaboration

Our motto is to create a perfect environment for innovation where people are treated with respect and trust. Only thing that matter to us is adding value to our clients and society as a whole. We live and breath creativity everyday.

We invite people who like to make positive change to the society using their knowledge. We get along with people who run after motivation rather than happiness. We gel with people for whom this world is an opportunity to solve problems everyday.

"The urge to discover secrets is deeply ingrained in human nature; even the least curious mind is roused by the promise of sharing knowledge withheld from others. Some are fortunate enough to find a job which consists of the solution of mysteries, but most of us are driven to sublimate this urge by the solving of artificial puzzles designed for our entertainment. Detective stories or crossword puzzles cater for the majority; the solution of secret codes may be the pursuit of the few."

John Chadwick

from The Decipherment of Linear B

Our Core Values

A clear criteria to measure, appreciate and reward success.

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How well did you recognise and solve problems which added significant value to the clients?

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Were you able to complete the work in a reasonable time frame on or before expectation?

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How did your efforts bought positive changes to the work of your team members?

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What measures did you take to grow yourself personally and professionally?

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Are your actions at workplace aligned with the vision of the company?

Unprecedented HR practices with Unlimited Benefits

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Unlimited Leaves

We don't count your leaves as long your work is not effected (and your team mates are not pissed).

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Unlimited Work from Home

Work at your convenience from your home, beach or space station (we do have an office btw).

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Flexible Working Hours

Come and go as you please, just be committed (bring in some chocolates once in a while).

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Paid Vacation

Take your family for a trip every year, all expense paid by the company (just be safe).

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Quarterly Salary Increments

No need to wait full year to receive benefits (but remember to perform).

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Phones & Laptops

BYOD but company will help if you want to buy a new one (payback via clicking beautiful pics).

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Family Insurance

Leave all your worries behind and focus on your work (and bring them to office sometime).

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Performance Bonus

Company's growth is your growth, automatically (Management has no say).

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Open & Fun Environment

Flat hierarchy where ideas win over egos, always (except when we are playing games).

Come Home to Work

We believe in playing by people's strength rather than focussing on their weaknesses. We take pride in treating everyone as equal so that only winner is innovation.


Data Science Manager

Lead Data Scientist


Senior Sales Administrator


Country Manager


Frontend Developer

Lead Backend Engineers(Python)

NLP Chatbot Engineers

Lead Data Scientists / Machine Learning Engineers

iOS Developers

Android Developers

Security System Engineer

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